The ZWave:

  • Improves cellulite and stretch marks
  • Enhances results of cryolipolysis (fat destruction) and radiofrequency (skin tightening)
  • Is used for aesthetic scar treatment
  • Supports lymphatic drainage
  • Is non-invasive and pain free

The ZWave uses cutting edge technology for the treatment of cellulite. It also enhances body-sculpting results achieved with EndyMed Pro (radiofrequency skin tightening) and Vanquish ME (fat destruction).

ZWave is “Radial Pulse Therapy (RPT); it uses acoustic shock waves to soften fibrotic structures and strengthen connective tissue.  This results in improved skin firmness, skin elasticity, and collagen regeneration.  When used alone, the end result is healthier tissue, tighter skin, and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. When used as a post treatment combination therapy for our non-invasive body treatments,  EndyMed Pro (skin tightening and cellulite) and Vanquish ME (fat reduction),   ZWave expedites your body’s response time and significantly amplifies your final results.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ZWave Work?

The ZWave delivers high-energy radial shockwaves, which have been scientifically proven to affect the structure of collagen and the connective tissue of the skin. The ZWave stimulates collagen formation and improves both lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, thus improving skin elasticity and firmness.

The ZWave produces radial waves to provide a positive pressure pulse to squeeze the surrounding tissue and molecular grid structure followed by a small tensile wave, which leads to collapse of gas bubbles and ultimately destabilization of the fat structures.

What areas can be treated with the ZWave?

Anywhere you have cellulite. It is most common for people to notice cellulite in their buttocks, arms, thigh,s and abdomen.

The ZWave is also used in combination with EndyMed Pro (in areas where skin tightening is achieved with radiofrequency) and Vanquish ME (in areas where fat destruction is achieved through cryolipolysis).

Application is contraindicated in the following cases:
  • vascular diseases present in or near the area of application
  • local infections in the area of application
  • around malignant or benign tumours
  • directly on cartilage surfaces or near the small facet joints of thespinal column
  • directly over implanted electronic devices such as pacemakers,analgesic pumps, etc.
  • in areas in which mechanical energy in the form of vibrations maylead to tissue damage such as metal implants after a fracture
In general we advise against application in the following cases:
  • if blood clotting disorders are present or the client is receiving treatment that results in a change in the blood clotting behavior (e.g. pregnancy)
  • on clients with neurological diseases resulting in impairment of thevasomotor function in the area of application
  • on children, particularly around the epiphyseal plates